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UKIP supporters have started backing Jeremy Corbyn because of the way Labour is treating him — July 27, 2016

UKIP supporters have started backing Jeremy Corbyn because of the way Labour is treating him

Social media does not represent the whole of the electorate, but it does play a pivotal part in politics. Recently, I have seen a large amount of UKIP supporters protesting at the way Jeremy Corbyn is being treated by the Labour Party and many have said they are now backing him because he is the only politician standing up to the Establishment. 

Last week’s council by-elections were brilliant results for Labour, even in seats where the party came second or third the results showed huge swings to Labour to the expense of UKIP. Labour’s appalling treatment of Corbyn is actually strengthening his popularity and his campaign. People are very angry at the way Labour is treating him and now millionaire Labour donor Michael Foster is trying to keep Corbyn off the leadership ballot just because he is standing up for working class people and giving them a voice – ordinary people just like you and me. 

This is yet another example of the rich using wealth, power and influence over the working class and this is why the Left is on the rise in Britain. Since the global economic downturn in 2008, ordinary working class people like you and me have been made to pay for the greed and corruption on behalf of the bankers and unscrupulous businesspeople. Millionaire Foster thinks he can use his power, wealth and influence to bully Corbyn and his supporters, most of whom are from working class backgrounds and this has made people very, very angry. 

Just who the hell does Foster think he is? What gives him the right to stand in the way of democracy? Corbyn was elected almost a year ago with a huge mandate and received 59.5% of the vote, yet between them, Foster, Blairites and the Labour NEC have worked in collusion on behalf of the Establishment to undermine and destroy Corbyn’s leadership. 

Politics is rapidly changing in post-Brexit Britain and Brexit supporters like me are angry that Theresa May is faffing around with Article 50 which is causing unnecessary delay to Brexit negotiations and damaging our economy. Corbyn, however, has repeatedly called for Article 50 to be put forward. 

UKIP support has been falling since last year’s General Election and supporters are now turning to Corbyn. UKIP has achieved its goal in getting Britain out of the EU, Nigel Farage is gone and the party’s future is under scrutiny. UKIP supporters may well lend Corbyn their support, many of whom are ex-Labour supporters, because of the way he is being treated by the Labour Party and they also like John McDonnell’s economic policies which are anti-Establishment and pro-working class. 

I recently posted a blog on the rise of the Left and how it will lead to a political revolution in Britain and I still stand by it. UKIP supporters are the latest to join Corbyn’s left-wing movement and I pay tribute to the UKIP Councillors across the country who have spoken out in defence of Corbyn and this includes my local UKIP branch in Thurrock. 

There is talk of Labour splitting if Corbyn wins the Labour leadership. I hope Labour does split, let the Blairites leave so they can create their own Red Thatcherite party. They could call it Blue Labour. However, if Labour does split not all of the 172 MPs who recently cast a vote of no confidence in Corbyn’s leadership will leave Labour, most know where their bread is buttered and I predict that no more than 60 MPs will leave. 

A new political party led by Blairites will be doomed to failure, as it will not prove popular in working class communities and certainly will not be welcome in Scotland. Forming a new party will be a huge risk and it will end very badly, but it will, at least, give Corbyn the opportunity to build a strong left-wing movement, devise a real Socialist manifesto that will benefit everyone and not just a few and put enthusiastic candidates in place ahead of the next General Election in 2020. 

And while Corbyn does this, the Blairites’ new party will die a painful death and the vast majority of them will come crawling back to Labour – but they will not be welcome. 

Labour bullying is a major problem, I have experienced it first-hand. Here’s my story  — July 23, 2016

Labour bullying is a major problem, I have experienced it first-hand. Here’s my story 

It’s no secret that I departed the Labour Party in December 2015 under unfortunate circumstances and I won’t delve into it, there’s no point raking up old ground. However, since I left Labour I have encountered online abuse, bullying and harassment from Labour Party members and supporters including MPs and Councillors. 

Some of the things that have been said about me online including by bloggers has been disgusting, libellous and very hurtful. I’ve been labelled an anti-Semite, a racist and a bigot. I’ve also been labelled a fascist, a Nazi, a ‘wrong-un’, a nonce and scum. 

These smears and insults were directed at me by Labour Party members and supporters, but for now let’s just focus on the members. These are representatives of the Labour Party, as some of them were Councillors. 

Labour bullies have repeatedly attacked me over the last seven months and are still it. Labour Party members are also regularly complaining about people retweeting me and have policed Twitter by telling people not to engage with me because I’m an anti-Semite (or one of the other smears I mentioned earlier).  

The behaviour of the Labour bullies has been absolutely shameful and the lot of them

are vile and vicious. They have behaved like a pack of bloodthirsty wolves, all ganging up on me and tearing me apart. And they have enjoyed every minute of it. 

I’ve suffered with mental health issues, anxiety, stress and reactive depression since 2010 after the death of my mother who died of cancer. She was 68. My mother was the best mother in the world and her presence would brighten up any room like the sunshine. 

My state of mind deteriorated in 2011 and I nearly attempted suicide, I had lost my mum, I split with my boyfriend after nearly 3 years, and lost my home and car. All of this happened within six months. I decided that there was no point in carrying on, I figured I would be better off dead which would put me out of my misery. 

I phoned a friend and told them how I was feeling, I was crying and trembling, and it must have been the worst call they had ever received. My friend made me see senses and I went away with the police. From there, my condition deteriorated and I had a nervous breakdown, tormented by my demons. 

But then I grew strength and fought back, I became stronger and made brilliant progress. And I won the battle. 

The Labour bullies have affected my state of mind. I hit a low point back in January and the abuse and bullying I encountered really hit me. I never cried but I was hurt, especially by those whom stabbed me in the back, people I regarded as friends and people I was very good to. You really do find out who your real friends are during times of trouble. 

Despite what was happening, I suddenly remembered back to 2011 when I suffered a nervous breakdown and became seriously ill, but I grew strength, fought back and won. I also realised how brilliantly Jeremy Corbyn had handled the gutter press, the smears, the Tories and Labour bullies. 

I ignored the abuse, blocked the Labour bullies on social media and never read any of the spiteful articles and blogs written about me. I’m very proud of myself for the way I have handled the Labour bullies, they can say whatever they like about me because I really couldn’t care less. I’m still here and I’m more popular than ever because people know I’m a very caring person who puts others first and fights for those without a voice, such as the sick and disabled. 

I oppose Tory austerity, oppose the £205bn Trident upgrade and oppose the very existence of this ruthless, venomous, unscrupulous Tory government. Many of the Labour bullies who have targeted me are Blairites and they have made themselves more Tory than Tory. But these people see me as a threat which is why they launched an anti-Semitic smear campaign against me. 

I have a series of other medical conditions which I will list below:

Reactive Depression 



Venous Sinus Thrombosis 

Heart problems 



High blood pressure 


The Labour bullies have also affected my physical health. My weight has ballooned since 2011, caused by my antidepressants. I take Venlafaxine. The weight gain has caused heart problems and earlier this year I was hospitalised for a few days. I personally blame the Labour bullies who had caused me a great deal of stress, they even wrote to my employer in an attempt to get me fired. They gloated about it online and demonstrated that they really will stoop to any level to destroy a person’s life. 

Thankfully, their poor attempt at trying to get me fired for anti-Semitism failed spectacularly, but the stress did take its toll on my heart and put me in hospital. The Labour bullies really are lower than vermin. 

I have another medical condition which nearly killed me in early 2014. I had been suffering with severe headaches and migraines for several weeks and no matter what kind of painkillers I took the headaches remained. I saw my GP and he prescribed me with codeine which made no difference whatsoever, and within a week or so I suddenly developed double vision. I stupidly thought it would go away after a few days but it actually got worse until one afternoon in March 2014 I collapsed at work and was admitted to Basildon A&E. I was later transferred to an AMU ward where I remained for several days while I was under investigation. 

After a series of blood tests, CT and MRI scans, I was diagnosed with Venous Sinus Thrombosis. I had a blood clot on the brain which was causing the double vision, headaches and my collapse at work. Doctors had caught it just in time and said I was lucky not have had a stroke or a brain haemorrhage and I would have sustained life-changing ailments. 

My Venous Sinus Thrombosis is now under control and I will have to take warfarin for the remainder of my life and have regular INR check-ups. My latest INR was 2.7 which is in the correct range. I still get migraines and headaches and am prescribed codeine, but other ailments Venous Sinus Thrombosis has caused me include fatigue and syncope. 

Now you are aware of what my medical conditions are and what has caused them, the Labour bullying I have experienced these past seven months has affected my health problems. The Labour bullies have continued harassing, bullying and abusing me on social media. I have also encountered a great deal of abuse and harassment from a group of Thurrock Labour members who have recently labelled me scum and an anti-Semite. These people are well aware of my poor health but have stopped at nothing to personally attack me, I am no longer a Labour Party member, I am an ordinary member of the public, yet I have been subjected to personal abuse. Their behaviour and hostile approach towards me has angered a lot of people in Thurrock. 

Despite my disabilities, I campaigned solidly for Thurrock Labour in 2014 and 2015, I knocked on hundreds of doors and my presence on the ground and on social media helped raise Labour’s profile in Thurrock [I was told this by the party] and that made me very proud. I also saved up £500 and donated it to our parliamentary candidate’s campaign, yet the thanks I now get from Thurrock Labour is online abuse, bullying and harassment. 

I am not the only person who has been a victim of the Labour bullies, on the contrary I have seen endless abuse from Labour Party members on social media. It does hurt when people who you regard as friends and people you campaigned with stab you in the back; virtually nobody at Thurrock Labour has stood by me, I have been abused and harassed online yet they still expect me to support their local party. It’s very difficult to when I have been treated with such sheer and utter contempt by them and the Labour Party. 

Labour bullies talk about the effects Tory policies are having on mental health sufferers and the sick and disabled, yet they have been responsible for bullying, abusing and harassing those very kinds of people on social media, people just like me. The Labour bullies are cowards, all bullies are cowards and I guarantee hardly any of them would dare repeat their vile and vicious comments about me to my face, or to anyone else they have bullied, abused and harassed online. 

The Labour leadership campaign, along with Blairites and the Labour NEC have worked in collusion to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and destroy his leadership. The Labour bullies really have shown their true blue colours and clearly don’t give a damn about Corbyn’s feelings, or the feelings of ordinary people they have bullied, abused and harassed online.

The fact remains is this: I am still standing, I am still here and I have a lot of support and the Labour bullies really don’t like it. Their hateful smear campaign against me backfired and I have ignored the abuse and harassment, and by doing so I have shown how strong I am and also shown that I cannot be beaten no matter how low they go. I will remain defiant and show the Labour bullies that I am not frightened and I won’t be deterred; they can say whatever they like about me because I really couldn’t care less. 

If opposing Tory austerity, fighting for social justice and supporting Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell makes me a ‘Trot’, then I am a very proud man. I would rather be a Trot than a radioactive Red Thatcherite. Blairism isn’t just toxic, it’s more contagious and deadly than nuclear waste. Just ask the millions of voters Labour has lost to UKIP in working class areas. 

I end this blog by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has stood by me and supported me after my abrupt departure from the Labour Party last year. I am still overwhelmed with support and I really am truly grateful. You have been so kind and very understanding, and I really couldn’t have got through these last seven months with you. 

You have all been a tower of strength. 

Whether the Labour bullies like it or not, Jeremy Corbyn will win the Labour leadership – and I will return to the Labour Party and will fight in his honour. 

Theresa May is right: Labour is a laughingstock – and it’s all part of the Blairites’ plan  — July 21, 2016

Theresa May is right: Labour is a laughingstock – and it’s all part of the Blairites’ plan 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 was Theresa May’s first-ever PMQs as the new Prime Minister. I rarely watch PMQs because it’s too theatrical, too juvenile and too annoying. For 30 minutes each week MPs from both sides of the house insult and shout at each other and it’s a huge embarrassment to British politics. David Cameron regularly dodged questions or responded with a tirade of venom and bile, and Theresa May did exactly the same during her first PMQs session. 

Theresa May literally wiped the floor with Jeremy Corbyn while Blairites (aka Red Thatcherites) laughed and jeered at him, while so-called Labour MP Jamie Reed congratulated Theresa May over Trident in a pathetic attempt to ridicule Jeremy Corbyn. It’s evident that Blairites and Tories are working in collusion to try and destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. 

Jamie Reed is an example why Labour is toxic in working class areas, why the party has lost over 1 million voters to UKIP and why people have no faith or trust in the party. The fact Jamie Reed and other Blairites voted with the Tories to upgrade Trident which could cost £205billion rather than oppose it and hold the Tories to account over austerity, says more about them than it does Jeremy Corbyn. It’s clear that the Tories and Blairites are cut from the same cloth and are out of touch with working class people. 

I strongly oppose Trident upgrade when Tory austerity has been imposed on Britain which is causing hardship, homelessness and deaths. Austerity is a con, it’s a Tory formula for planned poverty and to sell off public assets and services. If the Tories can afford to spend £205billion on Trident then clearly there is money available, and there is also no reason why austerity cannot be abolished. 

A new poll gives the Tories an 11-point lead over Labour and we can thank the Blairites for that, yet on the day of the so-called Labour coup when there was a mass exodus from the Shadow Cabinet, Labour was polling ahead of the Tories. The Blairite-led Labour coup was designed to undermine Jeremy Corbyn, sabotage his leadership and destroy the Labour Party so they could then blame Corbyn and oust him – but so far their pathetic little game has failed spectacularly. 

Theresa May is right, though: Labour is a laughingstock right now but Jeremy Corbyn is not to blame, the culprits are Blairites who have repeatedly plotted, schemed and attacked him since the day he became leader. Rather than unite behind him and fight the Tories, Blairites have been doing the Tories’ dirty work. 

Jeremy Corbyn is likely to win the Labour leadership contest and if he does then I hope the party splits: Blairites can jog on and create their own Red Thatcherite party and work in coalition with their Tory chums while Jeremy Corbyn builds a strong left-wing movement, opposes Tory austerity, develops a manifesto that will benefit everyone and not just a few and have strong candidates in place ahead of the General Election in 2020. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom. If Labour splits not every one of the 172 MPs who gave Jeremy Corbyn a vote of no confidence will jump ship, some know where their bread is buttered and will remain in the party, but they will still face deselection and many of them deserve it after the way they have behaved. 

If Labour splits, those who leave the party will automatically be drawn into a civil war. There will be heated arguments and discussions about who should lead the party and who should be in the Shadow Cabinet, which will leave Jeremy Corbyn to focus on the most important issue: the effects Tory austerity is having on ordinary people, communities and public services. 

A new Blairite-led party will be doomed to failure, it will not be popular in working class areas and it certainly won’t get any support in Scotland. Blairites will effectively be committing political suicide and that’s why I’m so keen for Labour to split: Blairites will become obsolete and irrelevant – and it will be Jeremy Corbyn who has the last laugh. 

Labour NEC is undemocratic and this goes against Labour Party principles  — July 14, 2016

Labour NEC is undemocratic and this goes against Labour Party principles 

Labour NEC has stooped to a level lower than never before, this time by doing whatever possible to prevent new or prospective Labour Party members from voting in the leadership election. The new rules are designed to prevent people from joining Labour specifically to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. 

The new NEC rules are as follows: 

If you joined Labour before 12 January 2016, you can freely vote in the leadership election. 

If you joined Labour after 12 January 2016, you will have to pay a £25 one-off fee on 18 July 2016 to be eligible to vote in the leadership election. 

If you have not yet joined Labour but wish to do so for the leadership election, you will have to pay a £25 fee on 18 July 2016.

These new rules are undemocratic and will further damage the Labour Party. To the average person £25 is a lot of money and a lot of people simply cannot afford to pay this amount. Labour is meant to be a party that represents ordinary people like you and me, yet the NEC is now denying people like us our democratic right to join the party and vote for Jeremy Corbyn. This is the whole purpose of the new draconian rules. 

Labour is meant to be a party that fights for social justice, many people have joined or would like to join the party so they can make a difference to people’s lives and fight for social justice. The new £25 fee will deter people from joining and fighting for social justice which goes against Labour’s principles. 

A disabled man told me today that he intended to join Labour so he could vote for Jeremy Corbyn, but now cannot do so because he cannot afford the £25 fee. He pays the Bedroom Tax and is on a very tight budget but wanted to join Labour to show his support for Jeremy Corbyn who strongly opposes the Bedroom Tax and Tory attacks on the disabled. 

This man has now been denied access to the Labour Party because he cannot afford the £25 fee and this also goes against social justice. This man is just one of thousands who the Labour NEC has shafted – shame on the lot of you. I question how anyone in the NEC supporting these new draconian rules can sleep at night. 

The Labour NEC is behaving like Tories and this is the kind of tactic Margaret Thatcher used during the miners’ strike in 1984 and Hillsborough disaster in 1989. These new NEC rules are disgraceful and despicable and have angered a lot of people in and outside the Labour Party. 

I am a passionate social justice campaigner, most of my work is done online because, being disabled, I find it difficult to travel to venues held in London or across the country, but I do my best, I do whatever I can and I do it with pride. However, these new rules imposed by the NEC are draconian and another nail in the coffin for the Labour Party. 

Over 660,000 people pay the Bedroom Tax, of which 420,000 of these people are disabled. Tory austerity is causing hardship, homelessness and deaths. Child, pensioner and in-work poverty have reached record levels. Inequality is rapidly rising. Mental health sufferers are being neglected. More than 1 million people have used a food bank in the last 12 months and payday loan applications are putting people further into debt. 

All of these issues – and there are many, many more – are what social justice campaigners are fighting. Labour should be playing a pivotal role in this but instead, scheming and plotting Blairite MPs would rather hold an unnecessary leadership campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, and these MPs are responsible for the NEC’s new rules which is preventing social justice campaigners inside and outside the Labour Party fighting for the disabled and anyone else who is suffering at the hands of our unscrupulous and uncaring Tory government. 

The Labour NEC and Blairite MPs have once again shown their contempt towards the working class, the disabled and social justice campaigners. Thanks to them, Labour will now go from being toxic to nuclear waste in some parts of the country. 

A new IPSOS/MORI poll has been released putting Labour 5 points ahead of the Tories: 

CON 33%

LAB 38%



GRN 4%


Now, just imagine how much further ahead Labour would be in the polls if the party was strong and united behind Jeremy Corbyn… 

Jeremy Corbyn could win a snap election, the Labour coup is designed to sabotage his chances  — July 12, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn could win a snap election, the Labour coup is designed to sabotage his chances 

Left-wing politics continues to grow in post-Brexit Britain. David Cameron and the Tory and Labour Remain Campaigns severely underestimated people’s true feelings about the EU and immigration, but Brexit was also about the last decade in Britain. 

Working class communities have been hit hard since Tony Blair introduced an open door immigration policy and the situation has worsened under Cameron. Local infrastructure remains to be under immense pressure; housing waiting lists are getting longer; the NHS is on the brink of collapse; classroom sizes continue to grow and GP surgeries are struggling to deliver healthcare. All of these issues are critical and need to be factored into the Brexit vote. 

Blair is the reason why Labour has become toxic in working class areas, communities feel disconnected with the party and also feel that the party does not listen and does not care. When I campaigned for Labour in Thurrock, the aforementioned issues regularly came up on the doorsteps and people personally held Blair and Cameron responsible. Working class communities like Thurrock have turned to UKIP because it was the only party people felt was listening and addressing their concerns seriously. Nigel Farage may well be a Thatcherite but he used the right language which is how he was able to reach out to working class communities and gain their trust. 

When the global economic downturn rocked Britain’s economy in 2008, hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs were lost and life became very difficult for working class communities. Labour was blamed for the crash, but it was actually the bankers who caused it, the very people who are still living a good life at our expense. 

Since 2010, people like you and me have been held accountable for the 2008 crash in the form of Tory austerity. Working class communities are still struggling despite the crash hitting Britain 8 years ago, and Tory austerity is causing hardship, homelessness and deaths. The gap between Britain’s rich and poor is at its widest ever which has caused the biggest rise in inequality never seen on the current scale. Naturally, people are still feeling very angry and they finally got their voices heard on 23 June 2016 when 17 million voted for Brexit, and I was one of them. 

After over a decade of feeling disenfranchised by Labour and by politics on the whole, a new era began on 12 September 2015 when Jeremy Corbyn was overwhelmingly elected as Labour leader. Corbyn has filled a huge void created by Blair and Cameron, but working class people now have a leader they are looking up to and have a lot of trust and faith in. 

Corbyn has reached out to the millions of working class people who want change, the very people who have been hit hard by Tory austerity. These people have had enough of being treated like second class citizens and are sick and tired of the Establishment. Yet, despite the endless attacks against Corbyn by the Tories, Blairites and the gutter press, he has energised left-wing politics and the Left is growing stronger. The Establishment is petrified of Corbyn because he poses a big threat and that is why he has been under constant attack. 

The attacks against Corbyn have been personal, vile and vicious. First he was labelled a terrorist sympathiser and that never worked; then an anti-Semitic smear campaign was launched against him and his supporters and that also never worked, and this is why the so-called Labour coup has been launched against him. But despite these attacks, Corbyn has remained defiant, positive and focussed on fighting Tory austerity, Trident and forming a new economic strategy which will benefit everyone and not just a few. These go against the principles of the Establishment and that is why they fear Corbyn and the Left coming to power and taking control. 

Labour has performed brilliantly under Corbyn across the country, particularly in London, Wales and the North of England. Parliamentary and local by-election results show huge swings to Labour at the expense of the Tories and UKIP, yet none of these successes are widely celebrated by Labour or by the gutter press – and it does not take much to work out why. 

Corbyn has huge support behind him and he has recently attracted hundreds, if not thousands, of supporters at rallies held across the country in his honour. Corbyn also has the backing of the Trade Unions and even the SNP has come to his defence against the Blairite-led Labour coup. TUSC and the SWP have also come to his defence. 

Theresa May will be sworn in as Britain’s new Prime Minister this week and already Labour and the Lib Dems are calling for a snap election despite both parties being in disarray and completely unelectable at this moment in time. In the even of a snap election, both Labour and the Lib Dems are likely to perform worse than they did in 2015 which would result in the Tories gaining an even bigger majority. 

Now is not the right time for a snap election because Labour is in crisis. The party should have united behind Corbyn and focused on a snap election but instead has decided that an unnecessary leadership challenge is more important. The timing of the leadership campaign is deliberate and is designed to undermine Corbyn’s authority and sabotage his chances of being elected as Prime Minister and forming a strong left-wing Labour government. 

Blairites are clearly out of their depth if they think Blairism is the answer to Britain’s problems, and it is clear they are out of touch with working class communities. If Blairites did their research and visited working class areas, they would soon learn that Blairism is widely opposed and that they are the problem, they are the reason why Labour has become a toxic brand and they are the reason why over 1 million Labour supporters turned to UKIP in 2015. But they do not care and they have demonstrated that they are not prepared to listen. 

Chilcot was a devastating indictment on Blair and his legacy, it has effectively killed Blairism once and for all. That said, Blairites continue to defend their warmongering idol and still think that rewinding back to 1997 is the answer to Britain’s problems. 

If Blairism was popular then there would be rallies held across the country attracting thousands of supporters. I have yet to see one rally in honour of Angela Eagle, surrounded by thousands of supporters. 

The Labour Party is in serious trouble and its problems have been caused by scheming Blairites who are only interested in their own self-interests, and if the party splits it will be their fault. In my opinion, Labour should split which will allow the Blairites to form their own Red Thatcherite party. 

This is the scenario that would regularly occur at Westminster: While Corbyn’s Labour votes against more Tory austerity, against Trident and against Britain invading another Islamic country, Eagle and her Red Thatcherite party will be supporting or abstaining these crucial votes. That is the difference between Corbyn and Eagle: he has integrity and he puts ordinary people first, while her job is to appease floating Tory voters and the Establishment. 

To the people of Iraq, I am sorry I let Tony Blair fool me into backing military action against your country  — July 7, 2016

To the people of Iraq, I am sorry I let Tony Blair fool me into backing military action against your country 

Like millions of others I was fooled by Tony Blair and his partner in crime George W Bush. In March 2003 they made a convincing case to invade Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein from power. I believed that the removal of Saddam would free Iraq of evil and the people would live in peace and for the first time in generations would have a democracy. 

I knew military action against Iraq would lead to casualties and the aftermath would be difficult, but with British and American military forces remaining in the region I thought that it would safeguard a peace process and life would begin to get easier for the Iraqi people. 

Blair and Bush made their plan look good but within a year of Saddam being removed from power, Iraq descended into civil war and chaos and the country has not been right since. There are regular terrorist attacks including suicide bombings and Western hostages being kidnapped. There is also lack of electricity, sanitation and clean water in some parts of the country. Not much of a life really, is it? 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. When Saddam was executed in 2006, I strongly opposed it because I believed he reserved the right to go on trial in an international court. I am not defending Saddam’s brutal regime but, along with Muammar Gaddafi and Osama bin Laden, they should have all gone on trial. Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic was due to stand trial in The Hague for war crimes but died before justice could prevail, so why did we kill the aforementioned? 

I argue that Iraq and Libya were stable countries under Saddam and Gaddafi because they kept their people in order, there would never have been terrorist groups like ISIS-Daesh causing havoc like they do today. The removal of Saddam and Gaddafi has led to the rise of ISIS-Daesh and this barbaric terrorist group has taken advantage of hostile situations in Syria, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen following the Arab Springs in 2011. 

I have watched documentaries and read articles featuring Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian citizens who all said life was much easier before the wars, and they personally hold Britain, America and other countries responsible for today’s turmoil and bloodshed. 

The Chilcot Report was worth waiting for and it has made me realise my stupidity in believing Bush and Blair in 2003. My views about the Iraq war changed by 2004 and the brutal murder of Ken Bigley was many reasons why. However, now I am even more angrier than I was before and I cannot believe Blair supports the exact same military action in Syria to remove Assad despite the carnage he and Bush caused in Iraq and David Cameron has caused in Libya. Clearly, Blair has learned nothing from the Chilcot Report and he thinks war is the answer to the world’s problems. 

It turns out that Ken Livingstone was absolutely right to link the 7/7 London bombings to the Iraq war and hold Blair responsible, but he was vilified for it – by Blairites. 

Jeremy Corbyn has apologised to the people of Iraq on behalf of the Labour Party because he is a man of peace. In 2003, Corbyn warned Blair of the consequences of invading Iraq and everything he said has come true. Corbyn is a man of peace, integrity and decency, and he is also a real leader and puts Blair, Bush and Cameron to shame. 

I personally believe that Blair and Bush should go on trial for their war crimes in Iraq and I also believe Cameron should too over his war crimes in Libya. Britain and America have no God-given right to invade another country and slay its leader, and we are responsible for the rise of ISIS-Daesh and the problems in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Thank goodness Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’, a list of countries he considered as a risk and wanted to bomb, never came to fruition. 

Like Corbyn, I am a man of peace. I believe the international community should work together and form an international agreement on nuclear disarmament. I accept that some countries like Russia and North Korea would be difficult, but think about the progress Iran has made, it has come a long way these last few years. It can be done. 

I finish off by paying tribute to the 179 British soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq and also to the many, many Iraqi civilian casualties and those who lost their lives. I say sorry to the people of Iraq, sorry that I believed Blair and Bush’s lies and sorry for the mess your country is in today. I have learned my lesson and the Chilcot Report has confirmed the gut instincts I have had since 2004. 

I will never ever forgive Blair and Bush for what they have done, and I hope that now the Chilcot Report has finally been published that it puts an end to Blairism once and for all. 

God bless the people of Iraq. 

The Labour Party needs to split – then Jeremy Corbyn can build a strong left-wing movement  — July 5, 2016

The Labour Party needs to split – then Jeremy Corbyn can build a strong left-wing movement 

The so-called ‘Labour Coup’ is an embarrassment. Just over a week ago there was a mass exodus from Labour’s Shadow Cabinet and Angela Eagle has called for Jeremy Corbyn to resign. A week later Eagle continues to make hollow threats against Corbyn’s leadership but remains reticent in putting herself forward to challenge his leadership. 

Corbyn has tried reaching out to the Labour Coup and asked them to put their differences aside for the sake of the Labour Party and the sake of Britain, but the Labour Coup has made it clear they have no intention of uniting behind him to fight the Tories. 

Corbyn has been Labour leader for almost a year and throughout that time his MPs have plotted and schemed behind his back. It has now been revealed that this so-called coup against Corbyn was planned when he first became leader and MPs have waited until Brexit to pounce. This coup is deliberate and is the work of Blairite PR company Portland Communications. But the real reason why this laughable coup has happened is because the Establishment is petrified of Corbyn and does not want Labour giving more power to the working class. Corbyn is a threat to the Establishment and is the reason why Britain’s Left is emerging and growing stronger. 

Think about it. The Establishment first tried discrediting Corbyn by labelling him a terrorist sympathiser because of his peaceful stance towards the IRA and Hamas. It backfired, so then the Establishment launched an anti-Semitic hate campaign against Corbyn and his supporters. This too backfired, so now we have the Labour Coup – and it has so far backfired and strengthened Corbyn’s popularity. There have been dozens of rallies held across the country in support of Corbyn and they have attracted thousands of supporters. 

It is clear that Labour will never unite under Corbyn’s leadership because MPs have no intention of fighting the Tories at a time the Tory Party is vulnerable and in complete disarray. This is a golden opportunity to kick the Tories while they are down but Labour MPs would rather hold a puerile and pathetic leadership campaign against Corbyn instead. It is clear where their priorities lie. 

Whoever wins the Tory leadership contest is likely to face a snap election before Christmas and the Tories will cakewalk it. Labour is in disarray and MPs are clearly not prepared in the event of a snap election, instead their minds are focused on Corbyn. This is why Labour should split and I will explain why. 

In the event of a Labour leadership contest, Corbyn is likely to win with an even bigger majority and this will inevitably cause the party to split. If Labour does split, Corbyn would then have the freedom to build a strong left-wing movement without Blairites and schemers getting in his way, he could transform Labour into a real people’s party that fights Tory austerity, champions renationalisation of Britain’s privatised services and develops a manifesto that benefits everyone and not just a few. 

Corbyn would be able to reach out to the SNP, Green Party, Plaid Cymru and Sinn Féin and create a strong left-wing alliance and invite TUSC and the SWP to merge with Labour. Trade Unions would also support Corbyn’s left-wing movement. 

Over the next 4 years ahead of the 2020 General Election, Labour would have passionate, enthusiastic and energetic candidates who will be dedicated to Labour’s cause, fighting Tory austerity and giving people a voice. Labour would also improve its image and relationship in working class areas. 

I recently blogged an article about the Left boiling up at the treatment of Corbyn and how could lead to a left-wing political revolution in Britain and I stand by that article. These last few weeks have shown just how much support Corbyn really does have in the public domain and it supersedes the anti-Corbyn rhetoric coming from the Labour Coup and the gutter press. 

Post-Brexit Britain needs change and Corbyn is the only party leader who is capable of achieving unity. Brexit was not just about immigration and the EU, it was also a vote against the Tories and the Establishment because people like you and me have been held accountable for the 2008 global economic downturn, while bankers and the rich have benefited from generous tax cuts. 

Corbyn has moved Labour back to its traditional roots and is representing the working man and woman, the very reason why the party was created. If Labour splits then I am confident the party will make excellent progress between now and 2020 and will offer a better deal and a better alternative to the Red Thatcherism the Blairites have to offer. 

The working class now has a voice and that voice is Jeremy Corbyn – and that is what the Establishment is petrified of. 

Labour is meant to fight for working class people, not fight against them  — July 2, 2016

Labour is meant to fight for working class people, not fight against them 

Labour is officially at war with party members and the electorate. This week, 172 traitorous Labour MPs voted in favour of a ‘vote of no confidence’ in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership when, in fact, they should be fighting the Tories instead. 

Corbyn has remained defiant and dozens of rallies have been held across the country in support of his leadership. These rallies have attracted thousands of supporters, with the London Metropolitan Police estimating that approximately 10,000 people attended a Corbyn rally at Parliament Square on Monday night. Today, Saturday, more rallies are being held in places like Manchester and Leeds attracting huge numbers.

Since the so-called Labour Coup began last Sunday, over 60,000 people have joined the Labour Party and at least 60% are said to be in support of Jeremy Corbyn. I am nearly 38 years old and I have never known a politician to receive such an energetic and enthusiastic response from the public. Whenever Corbyn appears in public he attracts a large turnout of supporters and this week has shown that the a lot of people are on his side. I highly doubt that any of those behind the Labour Coup will receive such a big response if they challenge Corbyn’s leadership. 

This week, ten of Britain’s biggest Trade Unions announced they were backing Corbyn including the FBU that re-affiliated with Labour earlier this year after breaking away in 2004 because of Tony Blair’s toxic relationship with Trade Unions. Corbyn has a huge army of supporters behind him and ousting him as Labour leader will be very difficult. Corbyn has been overwhelmed with support and he is truly grateful for the loyalty and support people are showing. 

Labour is meant to be a party that represents the working class and that is precisely what Corbyn is doing, he has moved Labour back to its traditional left-wing roots and is fighting Tory austerity. Corbyn has filled a huge void that was created by Blair and people’s political attitudes have changed since the 2008 global economic downturn. People like you and me have been held accountable for what happened on the part of the bankers, and since 2010 we have been hit with Tory austerity which is causing hardship, homelessness and deaths. 

Why are 172 Labour MPs so against Corbyn and Labour representing the working class? Why are they against Labour improving its relationship in working class areas where the party has become toxic and is losing support to UKIP? Why are they against Labour causing a left-wing political revolution and seizing control at Westminster? I will tell you why. 

All 172 of them are working in collusion with the Establishment because it fears the Left seizing control and putting an end to tax-dodging, corruption, greed and capitalism. The Establishment fears the working class having power and a voice. These MPs have failed to listen to their constituents and their relationship with their own CLP (Constituency Labour Party) has now turned very sour. Labour Party members and supporters are at war with the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) and this is a battle the PLP will not win. 

I hope the Labour Party does split because it will then allow Corbyn to strengthen his leadership and he can rebuild the party into a strong left-wing movement. Labour would also be able to improve its relationship with the SNP, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru, invite TUSC and the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) to merge with the party. Labour candidates standing in the 2020 election would be made up of Labour and former TUSC, SWP and other left-wing associates and they would win back working class voters across the country and crush the Labour traitors who have tried to destroy Corbyn’s leadership. 

If Labour does not split and Corbyn remains leader, he should deselect every one of the traitorous 172 MPs that have been behind this disgusting coup and replace them with the aforementioned at the 2020 election. 

Scottish Labour also needs to oust Kezia Dugdale as its leader because she not only opposes Corbyn, she has angered Labour voters who have defected to the SNP. Her unhelpful comments about Corbyn this week summed up just how out of touch Dugdale is and she is nothing more than a political car crash. Dugdale has failed to revive Scottish Labour and is the gift that keeps on giving to the SNP. Dugdale should resign and a new left-wing leader take her place who will reach out to Scotland’s working class and win back votes from the SNP. 

I predict there is a left-wing revolution on the horizon and Corbyn will be at the heart of it. Corbyn is fighting Tory austerity, fighting inequality, fighting for social justice and giving hope to millions of people across the country who are suffering at the hands of the Tories and the Establishment, while the other 172 Labour MPs sit on their hands and display disloyalty to Corbyn and disappointment to their constituents. 

These are exciting times for Corbyn and his supporters and we need to remain strong, loyal and positive, because negativity always leads to failure. Dennis Skinner gave the Labour Coup the V sign this week and that is precisely what I think of their pathetic attempt to oust one of the greatest Labour leaders of all-time. 

I stand with Corbyn. 

Britain’s Left is boiling up at the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn and I am very excited — June 29, 2016

Britain’s Left is boiling up at the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn and I am very excited

Labour is officially in civil war. Blairites and their cohorts have carried out their threatened coup against Jeremy Corbyn and he will now have a leadership challenge after losing a vote of no confidence. 

40 MPs backed Corbyn and 172 traitors voted against him. This has caused widespread anger and militancy in and outside of Labour. Grassroots MPs and supporters are furious and disappointed; trade unions are now in fighting mode; Momentum is to organise and manage Corbyn’s leadership campaign and hold demonstrations outside Labour MPs’ constituency offices, but most interestingly the SNP has come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn while Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale calls for him to resign. She has effectively committed political suicide and Scottish Labour’s support will undoubtedly recede further to the advantage of the SNP. Well done, Kezia; you really do know how to make friends and influence people. 

Corbyn is now being backed by 72% of Labour members and he is expected to win the leadership challenge with an increased majority over the 59.5% he was elected by on 12 September 2015. Corbyn’s leadership is to be challenged by the following: 

Angela Eagle

Yvette Cooper 

Dan Jarvis 

In a huge blow to Eagle, her local CLP of Wallasey is backing Corbyn which poses a huge embarrassment for her – more can be found by clicking on the link below courtesy of the Huffington Post: 

Eagle has also been telling fibs about Corbyn’s campaigning methods during the EU Referendum, as on 13 June 2016 she made this statement, and I quote: 

‘Jeremy is up and down the country, pursing an itinerary that would make a 25-year-old tired, he has not stopped. We are doing our best, but if we are not reported it is very difficult.’

Eagle should retract her leadership bid and apologise to Corbyn for attempting to sabotage his leadership and political career. 

Labour MPs are complaining about party members holding protests outside constituency offices and CLPs which is causing tensions between members, they have also complained about angry and disgusted members phoning their constituency office protesting about the treatment of Corbyn. These MPs have brought this on themselves, had they united behind Corbyn and attacked the Tories then none of this would have happened. 

The Brexit vote was not all about sovereignty, immigration and taking back control, it was also done to punish the Tories, the Establishment and the EU elite. Ordinary people like you and me have been held accountable for the 2008 global economic downturn and have seen the gap between North and South; rich and poor; young and old, and inequality widen to record levels. Child poverty is also up as more ordinary households are trapped in in-work poverty at levels never been seen before. All of these things have been caused by Tory austerity and it is also causing hardship, homelessness and deaths. The UN has also slammed the Tories for the human rights abuses against the disabled. More below courtesy of The Canary Says: 

BURIED: UN slams Tories over UK human rights abuses

This is why Corbyn is opposed to Tory austerity, he pledges to repeal it and will introduce a fairer economy that benefits everyone and not just a few. Labour is also looking at Universal Basic Income which could be payable of up to £61 a week. 

If the Blairites had united behind Corbyn then Labour would not be at war them, and by doing so the party would have become a strong opposition. Instead, Blairites would rather hold a leadership contest which tells us where their priorities lie. It has now been revealed that Blairite PR company Portland Communications is behind the Labour coup against Jeremy Corbyn and the whole purpose of this coup is to keep attention away from Tony Blair ahead of the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry on 6 July 2016. This coup has been planned for months. 

I predict that Corbyn will win the leadership contest with an even bigger majority and Labour will become even more divided. This will lead to the party splitting and the Blairites and Corbyn critics will break away from Labour and one of two things could happen: 

1. They will form a new Blairite party 

2. They will form an SDP-style party with the Lib Dems – Tim Farron has been very vocal about Corbyn since Brexit and he personally holds him responsible for the outcome

If Labour does split then this will be a good thing in my opinion. Firstly, Corbyn could seize control of the party if he wins the leadership contest, he would have the backing of party members, trade unions and he would remain as Labour leader. Corbyn could then rebuild Labour and shape it into a real people’s party, a real Socialist party that stands up for workers and fiercely opposes Tory austerity and the Establishment. Corbyn could reach out TUSC and the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) and they could merge with Labour. 

Corbyn could also form an anti-austerity alliance with the SNP, the Green Party, Plaid Cymru and Sinn Féin and these parties will form part of the strong, Left movement. But most importantly, if Corbyn does win the leadership contest and it leads to the party splitting, the Left could then take control of Scottish Labour. Kezia Dugdale may well resign as Scottish Labour leader following the Labour Party split, she has already called for Corbyn to resign and I cannot see how she could remain Scottish Labour leader when she opposes Corbyn’s leadership. 

If the Left seizes control of Scottish Labour it really must improve its working relationship with the SNP. Right now, Britain has never needed a Labour government as much as it does right now, and for the good of Scotland and Britain we need to build a strong left-wing movement. The Establishment was rocked by the Brexit result and is very fearful by the Left gaining momentum across the country. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Corbyn is likely to win the Labour leadership and if Labour is liberated from the Blairites, he will have the scope to rebuild Labour and develop a manifesto that ensures a fairer economy and a political revolution on a scale Britain has never seen before. And by 2020, Labour will have strong candidates who will win back voters in working class communities across the country including in Scotland after the Left seizes control of Scottish Labour. Corbyn’s army of loyal activists in his Momentum movement will work tirelessly across the country winning back support from UKIP and floating voters. 

I feel a left-wing political revolution is on the horizon and Jeremy Corbyn will be at the heart of it. The Left is going to take control of Britain and I, like millions of others, will be part of it. There are exciting times ahead. 

Vive la revolution! 

Labour MPs responsible for sabotaging Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership are traitors to the Labour Party  — June 27, 2016

Labour MPs responsible for sabotaging Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership are traitors to the Labour Party 

Britain has never been so divided. After 6 years of suffering the worst Tory government since Margaret Thatcher, inequality is at its widest ever and so is the gap between the rich and poor. 

Tory austerity is hitting working class communities hard, ordinary households are struggling and children are going to school hungry. Tory austerity is causing hardship, homelessness and deaths. In-work poverty has led to over 1 million food bank referrals over the last 12 months, and debt is on the increase as people rely on payday loans to make ends meet. 

Since the financial crash of 2008, ordinary people like you and me have been held accountable on the part of Tory austerity since 2010, but Britain finally got its own back on 23 June when the country voted to leave the EU. The Brexit vote was not just about immigration and the EU, it was also about sending a message to David Cameron, the Establishment and the EU elite. The message was: We have had enough and we want change. 

David Cameron should be held responsible for Brexit, not Jeremy Corbyn. Cameron made it clear when his EU negotiations were over that if the people of Britain were not happy with what he had negotiated then they should vote to leave the EU – and that is what Britain did. Indeed, Cameron was not expecting a Brexit vote and he took a huge gamble by seriously underestimating the real feelings of working class communities in Britain. 

Research shows that areas in Britain that have been hit the hardest with austerity and have the lowest incomes voted Brexit, whereas more affluent areas that are better off voted to Remain in the EU. My borough of Thurrock voted for Brexit and the result was 72% for Brexit and 28% for Remain. I voted for Brexit in solidarity with my community in Thurrock but my vote was not a protest, it was a vote in the interests of Thurrock and Britain. 

Labour MPs are wrong to blame Corbyn for Brexit, they should, in fact, be blaming Alan Johnson who led a campaign of scaremongering and toxicity. Johnson labelled Brexit supporters as ‘extremists’ and Labour MP Pat Glass labelled them as racist and stereotyped them by suggesting that only ‘old white men’ were backing Brexit. 

These comments angered a lot of people and it encouraged them to vote for Brexit, so which begs the question: why has no Labour MP condemned the campaigning methods of the Remain Campaign and why has nobody condemned Johnson and Glass for insulting Brexit supporters? 

The coup against Corbyn has been planned for months and Brexit was a golden opportunity for the traitorous Labour MPs to use Corbyn as Johnson’s scapegoat. Johnson should take responsibility for leading a weak campaign and for his campaign losing the EU referendum. 

The Labour MPs involved with the coup against Corbyn are toxic and traitorous. Most of them have shown Corbyn no respect since the day he became Labour leader, they have plotted and schemed behind his back and vilified him at every given opportunity. They are a disgrace to politics, a disgrace to the Labour Party and a disgrace to the millions of people in Britain who are desperate for a Corbyn-led Labour government. 

Not one of these MPs has given their constituents a thought, instead they have put themselves first. These are not real MPs, they are careerists and political opportunists 

Labour has become toxic in working class areas and the situation has worsened under Corbyn – but he is not to blame. Those responsible are the same MPs who have thrown hissy fits at Corbyn and either resigned their Shadow Cabinet post or they are loudmouth backbenchers. They have refused to unite behind Corbyn to form a strong opposition that will abolish Tory austerity and introduce a fairer and more robust economy that will benefit everyone and not just a few. 

Londoner David Lammy says that Parliament should veto Brexit. Herewith the problem, a Labour MP who is out of touch with working class communities outside of his London bubble, and Lammy is another example why Labour is toxic outside of London. He is clearly out of touch and wants to abuse his position as a parliamentarian by defying the 17 million people that voted for Brexit. 

The Tories are in disarray and the party’s civil war will intensify when the leadership campaign begins next week. Already, Anna Soubry is at war with Boris Johnson, while other Tory MPs are planning to revolt if he becomes Prime Minister. I wonder if the press will give the Tories as much airtime as it has Labour when the party descends into chaos in the coming weeks? 

Right now, Labour MPs should be fighting the Tories and kicking them while they are down, but instead they have chosen to give Cameron a reprieve who failed to convince Britain to remain in the EU, and have launched a coup against Corbyb instead. 

One of my Twitter followers messaged me only yesterday expressing her disgust and disappointment with the antics of Labour MPs. She has a disabled daughter who has had her benefits cut, and because of this she has had to quit her voluntary job at a charity shop because she now cannot afford to travel. This lady told me that Corbyn had given her and her daughter hope because he is the only politician standing up for people like them and he is opposing Tory austerity, but now they both feel let down and are demoralised. 

These are the very people – and there are millions of them in Britain – that Labour should be fighting for right now but instead the party has abandoned these principles to engage in a pathetic and damn-right childish and spiteful coup against Corbyn. So, congratulations to all of you for shattering the hope of millions of people by letting them down with your selfishness and ignorance. 

Corbyn now faces a vote of no confidence and he is likely to win a leadership contest with an even bigger majority. Today in Parliament Square, London, a mass rally was held in support of Corbyn and the London Metropolitan Police estimated that about 10,000 people attended. No Labour leader has had such a huge impact on working class people like Corbyn has, he is representing the very people who have been held accountable for the 2008 crash. The support is there for Corbyn and he also has the backing of the trade unions, so trying to remove him as Labour leader will be very difficult. 

Corbyn has remained defiant and has put together a very impressive new Shadow Cabinet, experienced politicians who are not only committed to Corbyn but are committed to the millions of people desperate for a Labour government. 

So I sign off by saying these final words: 

The Labour MPs involved in the attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn should do one of three things:

1. Break away from the Labour Party and form The Red Thatcherite Party

2. Join the Lib Dems 

3. Get out of politics all together 

The choice is yours.